Pain Reliever Cream

Gives temporary relief of minor aches and pains

Absorbs quickly through the skin

Menthol, Camphor

Aloe vera extract

SEVEN OUT OF TEN AMERICAN ADULTS admit they are in pain at least once during the week. 96 percent of those say they will try a product that promises relief. PAIN FIX® is such a break-through topical pain reliever. It uses the FDA-approved active ingredients menthol and camphor, but PAIN FIX® also has other natural substances to speed absorption and prevent skin irritation (an otherwise common side eect from topical pain relievers). PAIN FIX® comes in three versions: gel, a cream and in a convenient roll on. A brand new version called PAIN FIX® EXTREME has even more of the active ingredients for stronger and deep-seated pain. In addition to its use for muscle and joint pain, such as arthritis and backache, PAIN FIX® also works for injury rehabilitation and when treating cramps and sprains. It is ideal for rubbing onto areas being worked over with soft tissue massage and into muscles when stretching. PAIN FIX® is fast acting because it absorbs quickly through the skin. It is greaseless and does not stain clothing.