Aloe After Sun Gel

Soothes irritated skin

Speeds repair of sun-damaged skin

Prevents infection

Aloe vera (40%), Witch hazel, Chamomile, Comfrey & Green tea

Vitamin E

This is a highly concentrated aloe vera gel with vitamin E that relieves skin irritation caused by sun burn. The gel contains 40% of a blend of high quality aloe vera from the inner pulp of the plant and an extract from the rind of the leaves. (The active components exist in different parts of the plant.) The aloe is cooled to a temperature of 37 F (9 C) immediately after harvesting to preserve sensitive polysaccharides and other plant chemicals. The chilled gel is then stored in insulated tanks before further processing.This aloe material comes with a Certificate of Aloe Content and Certificate of Purity from the International Aloe Science Council.